Up to ANY 10 x Free oral rinses or tooth pastes

This is one very good deal which could amount to as much as 1/2 price if you choose the free products carefully. 50% off is fantastic in anyones book.

If you spend $120.00 or more but less than $200.00 you get to choose any 6 oral rinses or any 6 tooth pastes for FREE.

If you spend $120.00 or more you get to choose any 10 oral rinses or any 10 tooth pastes for FREE.

Now that is a great deal

Up to 10 rinses/Toothpastes free
Spend $120 and get ANY 6 rinses/pastes for free. Spend $200 and get ANY 10 rinses or toothpastes for FREE
None required
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10 x FREE